Ephraim´s Place – Jerusalem 5777 – Shilo Peace Plan

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Shalom my friend.
Most likely it has been a while since I last contacted you directly my friend. I wish we had more time to fellowship and exchange our sorrows, pains and doubts as well as our dreams, visions and faith.
At some point in time we have met and got to know each other and since then we are working out our respective experiences of life on earth. Whatever you might recall of me concerning the Person “Mo” or “Attila”, whom from the far or recent past you have observed and experienced, gives you insight about my character and believes.If you are still reading this it seems plausible now to offer you some value information about what I am involved in doing and what my real identity is. We – the like-minded people of Ephraim – have started a new Online~Nation, building an alternative society contrary to the current worldviews and nwo, based on truly biblical principals.

The people of Ephraim is not an invention. It is a people which is thousands of years in existence, yet it has been long forgotten through identity loss and assimilation into the world´s religious, political, philosophical and financial systems. Ephraim is brother to Judah. As soon as Ephraim and Judah reconcile with one another and make peace, the world will see peace.

Ephraim´s revelation and decisive actions play the major role in bringing about world peace so eagerly awaited by mankind, proclaimed by prophetic destiny, yet to be fulfilled in our generation. The very key lies in Jerusalem, the great city of the king, which will finally see peace in Jerusalem Year 5777.

We are challenged and thrilled to take on this task laid out before us by heavenly command.

At Ephraim´s Place we cultivate

Our own Governance
Our own Currency
Our own Court

I would like to personally, warm heartedly welcome you to join “Ephraim´s Place” and team up with guys like me in the struggle for peace on earth in the Jerusalem Year 5777.

Do not hesitate and never give up dreaming and hoping for a better world.. see you there!