Tu b’Shevat, or a visit to Gan Eden

Tu B`Shvat.. and the secret of renewel of two trees into unity

Ephraim peace plan

The 15th day of Shevat in the Jewish calendar is also called the new year of the Trees. This day is in mentioned the Mishnah as one of four Rosh HaShanah, New Year, and is rooted on Biblical commandments, like Orlah -Leviticus 19:23- and Ma’asser Sheni – Leviticus 19:24.

In Jewish tradition, this day became a minor Holiday of eating fruits of the trees with the blessing, planting trees and a remembrance of the time of the time of the Temple exists (Bikkurim, the First Fruits).

But Kabbalists had found a deeper approach to this day and by following the deeper thoughts, it is not only a Jewish Holiday, it should be very important for entire Israel, meaning: also for the Ten Lost Tribes, living spread in the world. Everyone who feels awaken with an Israelite Identity should find in Tu b’Sehvat more spiritual understanding and possible…

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