ALEPH & TAV Ham Worshipping – Peacemaking

That worship of yours, I love about you Ham.
But you lack understanding. Salvation is from the Jews!
Judah knows HaShem. Yeshua is King of Judah. Mashiach your Redeemer. A Child for you. Emmanuel. Aleph Tav.

Remember Ruth and Tamar. Humble yourself towards your brother Shem. Recall the words of our father Noah.

Joseph gives blessed bread to all of your Sons and Daughters.

The good Shepherd leads you to where he makes me lie down in green pastures leading me beside still water.

Join Ephraim, be a good Samaritan.

Facing Each Other – Key For Peace – Israel Echad

Over the last 10 days in Israel I got blessed in so many ways. Having traveled a lot in my life it keeps impressing me most to connect to various human beings of all kinds, backrounds and facettes. What makes Israel so very unique and special are characters like Ariel Cohen Alloro, with whom I dive into the deep and mysterious of Torah as soon as we shake each others hands and gaze into each others eyes.

Morris Attila Molnar - Ariel Cohen Alloro


Together we are seeking meaningful communications and actions to bring about peace – starting with the people of Israel and we will keep on doing it until this world will see and experience peace – pray for the peace of Jerusalem.. may prosper who love you..

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